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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

One Good Thought

I'm reading "Get Real Get Rich" by Farrah Gray. It's not a great book, but it's an easy read and has few nice tidbits. I came across this line, which I really like and think is worth passing on:

"I tell people that no matter what they are doing, even if they have to take a pay cut, if they can go home and smile at the end of the day - and their necessities are taken care of - that's what life is about."

Not bad for a book I almost stopped reading. My philosophy with books (especially library books!) is if I can get one good idea out of them, it was worth it. Well done Farrah...

Ok, this blog post wasn't all that funny, so maybe this will tickle your funny bone:

Star Wars comes to Holyhead as Darth Vader strikes back in Jedi's back garden

Granted, for the victim, not so funny; for the rest of the world, very much so - and isn't that what comedy is all about?

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