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Friday, May 09, 2008

80's Action TV Openings

I just came across a list of the "The Top 25 Opening Credits of 80's televsion action shows"

Very funny list, and it definitely took me back to my days growing up and watching *way* too much TV.

The best part of the list is the inclusion of "Manimal" My God, that show was atrocious, and if you watch the opening credits I'm sure you'll see why. It was a show about a man who could change into any animal he wanted. It sounds like it could be one of those "so bad, it's good" shows, but no, no it's not...

The sad thing is how much I loved Manimal as a kid. I watched it every week and ate it up. Then twenty years later, through the glory of the SciFi Network, I watched it again. Which is to say I watched the first ten minutes before I had to make the choice: change the channel or keep watching and end up tearing out my eyeballs to stop the pain. I opted to change the channel.

The Lesson: There are two types of businesses and products: timely, and evergreens. Timely products are good for a short while, then go away (Manimal and the "" boom). Evergreens are products and businesses that stick around forever (The X-Files and Microsoft - they may change their offerings and delivery channels, but it's no flash in the pan). There's nothing wrong with a timely product or business - just realize it ain't going to last and get what you can out of it now - or else you might end up like Simon MacCorkindale - the Manimal himself - and end up getting eaten by a 3D shark in Jaws 3D.

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