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Friday, May 09, 2008

Avish Parashar - Teeny Bopper

This is just wrong. I listen to a good chunk of the day, which is an online streaming radio site that plays songs according to your tastes (you rate songs and it tries to send more songs you should like based on those ratings). I really like their service.

But there is a problem.

I keep hearing these songs that I like and think to myself, "hey, this sounds really good. I should see who does this and put it on my 'to buy from iTunes' list" Then I look it up and it's friggin Avril Lavigne! Seriously, it's been 4 songs at least, and I *really* like them. I may even buy the CD.

I am clearly not a 35 year old man, but rather a 16 year old girl trapped in a man's body.


Terrence Ryan said...

We've been telling you that for years.

Kendall Lin said...

Just wait until pandora starts playing Cure songs, then you will understand how you are a 16 year old Asian girl.