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Monday, February 09, 2009

Pay Attention and Go First Class All the Way!

I was on the USAirways website booking myself a ticket to California and back. The way the flight selection screen is set-up, they show you the prices of each potential leg, and also show you the prices for coach and First Class.

I long ago stopped even remotely paying attention to the First Class seats. The prices are anywhere from double to four times the coach prices! I may be lazy and appreciate my luxury, but for $1,000 difference I'll suffer in coach.

This time, I clicked on the coach fare and hit "submit." For whatever reason, the page just kind of hung there (as pages on the Internet do from time to time) During this delay, I actually noticed the First Class fare for the flight I just booked...

It was only $20 more than the coach!

I couldn't believe it. I quickly thanked the Internet Gods for delaying the page submission so I would notice the price, hit "stop" on my browser, double checked the flights and prices, and selected the first class option. I booked myself a First Class flight for only $20 more than coach. I may want to save money, but I certainly value my laziness and luxury $20 worth!

Of course, being the self analytical guy I am, I started wondering how many flights in the past I may have sat in coach when I could have been up in first class. Like I said, I stopped looking at the first class options long ago.

Then I wondered about how many other opportunities I may have missed because I was too fixated on what I knew to pay attention to what was currently going on. Business deals missed? Product sales lost? Adventures passed by? Relationships gone with the wind? We'll never know.

How about you? What opportunities might you be letting pass you by because you're simply not paying attention? Put aside what you know and be fully engaged in this moment (it's all we've got after all) and see what new exciting opportunities might be open to you.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to sit back and enjoy my first class experience!

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