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Monday, March 16, 2009

The Sphere of Stupidity - What's Your Sphere?

I have what you might call a "Sphere of Stupidity." When I get together with some of my friends, we just get stupid. What's interesting is that we suck the people around us into getting just as stupid. it's like a Black Hole - get too close and you will be sucked into the sphere!

To clarify: When I say "stupidity" I don't mean intelligence or IQ. And I don't mean it in a bad way. In this, "getting stupid" means being silly and goofy, joking around, teasing people (in good fun) and just having a fun old time without worrying about what others think. It's awesome! I also find it to be a great way to meet friends because if you get sucked into the sphere, then you are probably the type of person I would enjoy haging with.

I think the Sphere of Stupidity works because when me and my friends are laughing and being silly, it gives the people around us permission to do the same. So many people walk through their lives being serious and not laughing enough that the simple act of showing (not telling) that it's ok let's people cut loose. Creating the Sphere of Stupidity is one of my favorite things to do.

The question now is, "what's your sphere, and are you happy with it?"

Some people create a sphere of introspection, or warmth and empathy, or open communication. Not usually my thing, but all are positive spheres and if they work for you, great.

Some people create no sphere at all, and just get sucked into other spheres. Nothing wrong with this, but if you want grab life by horns, be a leader, and fulfill your potential, you won't be content to just jump into other spheres - you'll want to make your own.

On the down side, some people create spheres of negativity, or criticism, or stress. These are the people who walk into a room ad the mood instantly changes - and not for the better. These are the people who will also never join my sphere of stupidity - which I don't mind at all.

Again, I ask, "what sphere do you create?" Think about it. Then, "are you happy with it? Is it serving you?"

If not, try to change it. Catch yourself when you becoming the black hole of negativity and turn into a positive sphere. You will start attracting the right kinds of people and experiences into your life.

Bet you never thought stupidity could be such a good thing, huh?

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