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Monday, March 02, 2009

Want to Be Happy? Do Some Improv Comedy!

From a Scientific American Mind magazine article citing a study at Harvard and Princeton on accelerated thinking and mood:

"Results suggested that thinking fast made participants feel more elated, creative, and, to a lesser degree, energetic and powerful. Activities that promote fast thinking, then, such as whipping through an easy crossword puzzle or brainstorming quickly about an idea, can boost energy and mood, says psychologist Emily Pronin, the study's lead author."

Wow! Fast thinking makes people more elated, creative, and energetic and powerful! It's nice to know that things I have believed for years are being backed by research :-)

What's one of the best fast thinking activities you can do? Improv comedy of course! Find a class or workshop in your area and just start - it will be fun AND good for you!

If you can't or don't want to get to a class (or even if you do), you can download my free MP3, "How To Think Quick." Not only does the audio teach you how to think quickly, but also has examples and explanation of improv comedy exercises you can practice to increase your quick thinking. What a great way to develop your rapid thinking skills while increasing your happiness, creativity, and energy!

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