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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

5 Great Sites I Visit to Laugh or Learn

As you can probably tell, my goal for this blog is to give readers a laugh while giving them an idea or two to think about that may help them do better in business or life. I don't know too many other websites or blogs that do that, but I do know a bunch that either make me laugh or make me learn.

So here I share with you 5 sites I regularly visit to laugh or learn: (learn)

This is a really good personal development site subtitled, "Personal Development For Smart People." Since I consider myself a smart person, this site is right up my alley! He writes long blog posts on a variety of topics and I usually takes something away from each one.

ToplessRobot (laugh)

Great site for all things nerdy. I realize I am "outing" myself as a guy who likes nerdy stuff (like my Aquaman Post didn't already do that) but I don't care! I love this site.

Multiple posts every day on topics such as comic books, video games, fantasy literature, sci-fi movies, and more. Not only are the topics fun, but the posts are written in a very funny semi-ranting style which makes me laugh. They do a daily list which makes me laugh pretty much every day. For example, yesterday's daily list was The 8 Most Shamefully Stupid Star Trek: The Next Generation Episodes. Very funny... (learn)

Just an awesome blog focused on marketing and entrepreneurial ship. Seth is the best selling author of books like Purple Cow and Tribes. He specializes in "new marketing," which is about building a following and interest as opposed to traditional advertising where you constantly interrupt people. He posts short articles that are always thought provoking.

The Sports Guy (laugh)

I used to read this site more regularly, but I still find myself returning to it. Bill Simmons is "The Sports Guy," and he writes articles on sports topics that are always hilarious. He is the gold standard for taking a basic topic (sports) and writing about it in a funny way. His references to pro wrestling and 90210 alone make me laugh out loud. Yes, he is a sports writer who manages to constantly reference Beverly Hills 90210.

Preston and Steve (laugh)

This one is a little bit of a cheat, as I am actually a huge fan of The Preston and Steve morning radio show on 93.3 WMMR in Philadelphia. It is ridiculously funny, and I listen to it every morning. Rather than being a typical "schlock jock" morning radio show, it is basically a group of friends hanging around talking about random topics and making fun of each other. It's what I envision me and my friends would do if we had a radio show.

On the show they reference a lot of things, and the website links to everything they reference. If you're in the Philadelphia area and like to laugh, tune to 93.3 between 6 and 10 am. If you are not in the Philly area, you can podcast the entire show every day! They are on iTunes. Check it out...

Do you have a website or blog you regularly visit that makes you laugh or learn? Post it!

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