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Monday, May 18, 2009

Follow Up to "Are You "Literally" an Idiot?"

A few weeks back I blogged about people who use the word "literally" incorrectly, and how stupid that is.

I recently came across another blogger posting on the same thing, and I have to say, his examples are very funny.

Here's a sample [I added the censoring]:

Kristen Stewart from the movie Twilight recently reported: “I get to do something that literally if I didn’t get to do, I would implode.”

Oh, s***. Well, thank God she was able to get into acting, because can you imagine if she imploded? She’d be all tiny and dense and s***. And if she got fat first, she might have had enough mass that her implosion would cause a black hole. Whew, crisis averted.

Very funny stuff. Go read the rest. I literally died laughing...

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