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Thursday, May 21, 2009

In Facebook's Eyes, I am Old and Lonely

On May 31st, I will turn 258 years old (in dog years at least). For those of you less mathematically inclined, that's 36 in human years. I don't mind the passing of another year, but I certainly don't need an automated reminder of my aging bones...

Facebook runs ads on the right side of their pages, and these ads are supposed to be "customized" based on your profile and postings. Well, Facebook has lately been posting this ad

Meet Elite Mature Singles

Dating for mature singles can be very difficult, but it doesn't have to be. Mature Singles Only believes that no one should be alone.

"Meet Elite Mature Singles"?? First off, by many definitions I am not someone you would call "mature." Second, isn't "mature" just the polite way of saying "old?"

And what the hell is an "Elite" Mature single? Is it like the A-Team of old dating folks?

"If you are single, if you are old, and if you can find one, maybe you should date... An Elite Mature Single."

Et Tu Facebook...?

The Lesson: Computer algorithms and automated systems (whether computerized or through a fixed process you or someone else implements) can only get you so far. At some point, and for important things, you need a real person with real judgment to decide what's the best message to communicate.

"Mature" my ass...

P.S. Under the "Meet Elite Mature Singles" was another add for "Meet Elite Singles" (no maturity here) with the following description:

"Meet high caliber singles. VIPSingles can introduce you to dignified, professional, and successful singles."

I don't know, I have a feeling that anyone who described themselves as "dignified" would not fall into the demogrpahic known as "people who would get along with Avish."

I'm just saying...

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charles said...

there might be more to the story avish.

i'm 36, but my facebook ads recommend "trips to south america" and "summer sharehouse" ("spend your weekends at the beach this summer at seven seas on fire island. ages 25 to 35. all food and booze provided.")


Avish said...

See, now I just feel more bad about myself. To know that Facebook doesn't just think everyone over 36 is old, but that it will take the time to reach out to others and suggest vacations and summer houses.

I need to find a new social media tool...