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Friday, May 01, 2009

Question: What's Your Big Ding?

I recently posted on 5 Examples of Everyday Stupidity That You Will Encounter this Week The point of that post was that you will encounter stupidity, interruptions, and "Dings" everyday. I listed 5 common ones that I come across and know you probably do too.

I'd like to pose the question back to you: What are the "Dings," big or small, that you encounter on a regular basis? What little stupidities or unexpected events do you encounter that get you upset even though you know you shouldn't?

Post your thoughts in the comments, I'd love to hear...


chuck said...

People who refuse to walk up escalators.

People who stand in front of the subway doors.

People who can't walk in a straight line down the sidewalk (and walk slowly).

Avish said...

Thanks for th input Chuck. I agree on all three - #3 specifically bothers the heck out me. Along the same lines, how about when a group of four or five people walk down a sidewalk side-by-side making is a pain to get around them Especially when they walk slowly!