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Thursday, May 07, 2009

A Reader's Response to "Customer Service and the Big Ding!"

Here's a comment a reader, Beverly Kurtin, posted on my blog in response to my Customer Service and the Big Ding! post. Beverly used to work for Microsoft, and has a great attitude and approach to customer service. Take a look:

When I worked for the largest software maker in the world I ALWAYS remembered that the customer paid me, not a really nice billionaire in Washington. THE CUSTOMER PAYS ME AND I always ended my phone calls (I was a support engineer) with "Bob, what else can I help you with today?" When the customer told me the he or she didn't want to take up any more of my time I said, "Hey, the only reason I woke up and drove to work today was because YOU were going to call me; that's why I picked up the what's your question?"

My idiot mangler (misspelling deliberate) couldn't understand why people sent letters lauding me; they deserved the very best support I could give them and didn't make them feel like idiots (Bob, I wasn't born screaming control, alt, delete, you're not a dummy, you just haven't learned what I have, but that's my job, to show you how to do your job better, okay?"

I've had more than my share of lousy service and when I got a chance to help some folks realize that not all computer support people were jerks.

I'd love to start a service to start teaching people how to be the best they can be in serving the public proudly and wonderfully.

How's that for an awesome approach to customer service? How much more successful and effective would your organization be if all your customer service people had that attitude? Heck, how great would it be if everyone in your organization had that attitude?

It's not just about skills and knowledge - the right approach can go a very very long way...

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