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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Splling is Improtant!

This is brilliant. A company that makes alphabet blocks for kids to help them learn spelling created their blocks with spelling errors on them!

That's right - the spelling blocks were misspelled!

For "U" - "Umberlla." For "Y" - "Yatch." Right there on the blocks...

Now when it comes to spelling and typos I'm certainly not flawless. Just yesterday a friend pointed out a bunch of typos in my 5 Things You Can Learn From the Movie "Jaws" article. But here's the thing: I am not blogging about the importance of spelling! To put this in context, it would be as if I got up to perform improv comedy and then said, "oh excuse me, I need to consult my script." Ridiculous.

Lesson #1: Don't be stupid. For what else can you call this but stupidity?

Lesson #2: You have to be congruent and authentic. Walk your talk!! When you don't, that's called being a hypocrite.

Lesson #3: Step #1 in the step by step process to improvising with anything is to focus on outcomes first. That doesn't mean details aren't important! Once you know your outcome (teaching kids to spell), you have to then focus on the details (teaching kids to spell correctly, duh!). Details support outcomes. Outcomes first but then pay attention to the details!

Think about your big dreams and goals. Once you've got those clearly in mind, are you making sure the details are taken care of? You better take care of them - some would day that's where the Devil is...

P.S. I don't think there are any typos or misspelled words in this post, but if there are you may rest assured that they are there intentionally out of irony.

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